BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) has been trending all week long on social media for good reason. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are finally making their highly-anticipated comeback as a quartet today (Friday, 26th June).

To commemorate this, a global press conference was set up where domestic and foreign media were allow to ask some general questions. We’ve compiled 8 highlights that are worth checking out:

1. What sets “How You Like That” from other songs?

Source: Twitter

Jisoo: “How You Like That” is more powerful than the previous songs. We tried to put in hip-hop aspects in it. There is a huge twist in this song and will be fun for the listeners. So we hope you guys will enjoy it.

2. What went into the visual concept of this album?

Jennie: Because “How You Like That” is a hip-hop song, we tried to put together outfits that could bring out synergy and emotional aspects. Rather than focusing on one concept, we opted for BLACKPINK’s unique stamp on it. 

3. In the prologue of 24/365, Rose, Jennie and Lisa used a cat and King Kong motion as description. In what aspects do these represent the song?

Rose: I think cats have characteristics that they’re really calm and still, but they can also attack furiously. Likewise, the song is also calm in the beginning, but the hook changes the mood soon after.

4. Key message.

Jisoo: We hope to convey positivity and hopefulness where people can stand up despite facing difficult situations.


5. Lisa was rocking her Celine fashion statement.


6. Rosé was wearing the YSL dress from her shoot with Elle Magazine.

Source: Elle

7. The “Sour Candy” collab with Lady Gaga

Jennie: First, we ended up on a phone call with Lady Gaga. She told us that she was our fan and that she loved BLACKPINK’s uniqueness, and we were honoured to hear that. Because she was an artist I’ve loved even before my debut, it was unbelievable to think that I would be working with her. I’m so happy that such a fun and enjoyable product came out of it, and I’m also happy that many people like it.

8. BLACKPINK’s comeback and promotion plans


Jennie: Starting with ‘How You Like That’, we will be looking to meet with our fans through our first full album. We are also in the process of working on our solo activities. More than anything, we just hope that in about 3 hours, our new song ‘How You Like That’ will just melt the hearts of all our fans.

Watch the full press conference here:

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