Anime fans rejoice! We’ve got great news to share with you.

Casio Malaysia and G-Shock have finally revealed the designs of their latest collaboration with two of the most famous Japanese animated TV series – Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.


Based on the the GA-110 which features a big watch case with a 3D presence, the new GA-110JDB model uses bold combination of orang and black colours, which highly represents the popular anime series. Additionally, the watch strap (our favourite part of the design) features an illustration of “Dragon Ball” main character Son Goku.

To give out a more impactful kick, the model’s dial and logo are enhanced with gold accents. Other prominent features include the inset dial in the 9 o’clock position which displays the four-starred dragon ball motif. There is also a letter “Z” logo embedded in the 3 o’clock position. Also, the “G-Shock x Dragon Ball Z” logo is carved at the back side of the model.

Meanwhile, the One Piece x G-Shock GA110JOP watch features a striking combination of red, white and black colours for its design. Similar with Dragon Ball limited edition, the watch band also comes with illustrations of “One Piece” protagonist Monkey D Luffy.

Apart from that, Luffy’s signature straw hat and the word “WANTED” are also included on the dial. The logo  “G-Shock x One Piece” is also engraved at the back part of the watch. Interestingly, both of the G-Shock custom watches are also available with its own unique packaging as well!


Word has it that G-Shock’s “Dragon Ball Z” and “One Piece” limited edition watches are slated to debut on 22nd July. For more info on that, visit Casio Malaysia’s official website here.

Source: Lowyat.

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