Shots are being fired once again and Joey G is not holding back on what he thinks of Patricia K.

The Malaysian influencer recently uploaded an Instagram post on the definition of real men. Although she didn’t mention Joey by name, many suspected that it was a jab at her former beau.


An insider told us that while Joey initially won the case in high court, the court of appeal judges have sided with Patricia and granted her full custody of their daughter Sophia Sue-Lin yesterday (Thursday, 18th June).

The custody was allegedly granted on the grounds since Sophia is under 7 (she’s currently 3 years and 8 months), she should remain with her mother. Joey argued that Patricia only won the custody because of their daughter’s young age.

Joey also claimed that the person whom Patricia was thanking was helping him to build a defamation case against her before jumping ship. The former Channel [v] VJ also brought up a previous private conversation that Patricia made him delete so her boyfriend “would never find out”.

Guess what? I emailed the chats to myself before I deleted them and sent you the screenshots to show they were deleted. Lol. You even lied to him!” Joey wrote. This exchange was dated back on 14th June 2018.


In his series of Instagram Stories, Joey also posted photos of the physical abuse he allegedly suffered during his argument with Patricia. “I am a victim of abuse from woman. The difference is I actually went through it and feel embarrassed to talk about it. For all of you who support her thinking she was a victim, I’d love to know what you have to say now?” he asked.

Your lies have woken the activist in me. Men suffer abuse from women (too) but it’s taboo for us to say so because we are considered strong(er)? From this day forward, I will not stay silent,” Joey vowed.

Not long after Joey posted the physical scratch marks on his social media, Patricia apparently claimed that he inflicted those marks on himself in order to make her look bad.

According to Joey, his expose is just getting started though and he has more tea to spill.

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