Cik B (real name Edlynn Zamilleen Muhammad Amin) recently shared her concern on what would happen if her mother is no longer around one day.

“One day you might have to deal with the pain of losing your mom,” the daughter to the famed entrepreneur wrote on her Twitter, seemingly worried for her recurring future as one of her mother’s heirs.

Cik B


“I wonder about how I will continue my mother’s business. I have no father to lead me. How can I handle Mama (Dato’ Vida)’s large number of staff? How can I sell her wide range of products? Who will take care of me? Are they trust-worthy?” the 18-year-old further questioned in a now-deleted tweet.

With over 3000 likes as at time of writing, the replies section was flocked with a number of social media users leaving positive remarks in an effort to cheer the young entrepreneur up. One netizen commented, “There will always a rainbow after the rain. God will only test you when you’re really ready.” 

Another commentator wrote, “You’re still too young to worry about your life. But it’s okay if you come across such thoughts at times. It will make you more mature and stronger. But don’t let those negativity control you and make you give up. You’re a strong girl, just like your mother.”

Source: Instagram

Besides Cik B, the “I Am Me” singer also has a 12-year-old adopted son named Muhammad Eric Zaquan Mohd Amin, also known as Kacak.

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