Most of us are adjusting to the new norm now that we’re required to return to office. But fret not, cos McDonald’s Malaysia has some exciting news.

To kick off the new week, the fast food chain is introducing 2 brand new dishes with the Thai Green Curry Burger and Pulut Hitam Santan Pie.


While some of you may have previously tried the Thai Green Curry Fish Burger, foodies now have the option to choose the Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger. Each burger is topped with special Thai sauce and colourful mixed vegetables between a warm oblong bun!

As for the new local dessert, the new Pulut Hitam Santan Pie, of course, oozes flavourfu pulut hitam with creamy santan filled in a crispy pie shell. It’s sweet, creamy and crispy – all at the same time.

In addition, McDonald’s Malaysia’s promo for this month also includes the fluffy Scrambled Egg Sandwiches (also come with Chicken and Sausages options) as well as Mango ice creams. Mango Sundae and Mango McFlurry have always been fan favourites among dessert lovers, so this is exciting!

Prices for McDelivery are as follows:

  • Thai Green Curry Fish Burger (ala carte): RM13.20
  • Double Thai Green Curry Fish Burger (ala carte): RM16.97
  • Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger (ala carte): RM13.20
  • Double Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger (ala carte): RM16.97
  • Pai Pulut Hitam Santan: RM4.25
  • Mango Sundae: RM5.19
  • Mango McFlurry: RM7.08


For more info, click here.

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