A young woman caused quite a commotion among the internet community recently after she was blatantly exposed for having a number of unsettled debts in the past.

This came after Twitter user, Rozmiza Rozman, uploaded photos of her house and car, claiming that she obtained them herself. In the caption, she advised everyone to stop comparing one’s achievement to others.

The tweet managed to gain over 11k likes online as at time of writing (Monday, 12th June). However, the financial consultant’s intention of sharing her impressive achievement ended up receiving quite a number of backlash from netizens.

In this case, Rozmiza was heavily slammed for apparently comparing others’ accomplishments which contradicted her friendly message that she initially shared, hinting that the post was merely a marketing stunt. Apart from that, twitter users discovered that she’s been dealing with long-term debt problems with her previous clients!

It is said that the woman was previously involved in a smartphone pre-order selling business which allegedly resulted in over RM200,000 of debt over the past few years. Word has it that she did try to pay off a sum to her customers. However, these debts have not yet been settled.

In response to the massive backlash received, Rozmiza then took to her Facebook in an attempt to clear the air regarding her mounting debts. In this case, she claimed that she was tricked by a gadget company back during her student days. At that time, she was the sales agent for an unspecified company.

For those who are interested, feel free to read her full clarification here:

Do you think the haters were just being bitter with Rozmiza’s outstanding achievements? Or were they right in calling her out?

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