During the recent episode of MBC’s “Don’t Be Jealous” (부러우면 지는거다), K-pop starlet Hyerim (혜림) and her beau Shin Min Chul (신민철) were seen discussing about how much money they intend to contribute for their upcoming wedding.

Surprisingly, the former Wonder Girls member revealed that she hasn’t save a lot of money ever since her debut as an idol. The singer then open up about the community’s stereotypes on idols when it comes to earning and spending money.

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Hyerim dished, “I feel like I haven’t saved up as much as I worked. Usually, when people think of idols, they compare them to landlords with a lot of savings. Even as an idol, I have the same perception as well.”


She continued, “I often hear people asking me if I owned several buildings since I was a member of Wonder Girls. Of course, I made money more than most of my friends but it’s not to the point where I can purchase multiple buildings.”

Source: YouTube

The topic also caught other celebrity guests’ attention. According to Shinhwa’s Junjin, “Apparently, not all idols make a lot of money. There’s a lot of misunderstandings about that. I think idols make money just as much as others.” 

The spotlight then shifted to VIXX member Ravi (라비). “In my case, it took one and a half years for VIXX to win 1st place at a music show. At that time, I even thought that we will be conglomerates after that. Unfortunately, we didn’t earn any money for about 4 years,” the rapper was quoted as saying.

Both of the former K-pop idols’ revelation indeed surprised many K-fans. Well, everybody knows that VIXX is one of the biggest male K-pop groups in recent years. In response, netizens left sympathetic comments such as, “It must have been tough for them,” “I thought that being an idol will give a lot of money,” “4 years is a very long time,” and many more.

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Sources: Kstarlive, Koreaboo.

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