Remember the time when Dua Lipa was badly condemned by Malaysian netizens for referring to her dad as “babi”? Well, a female K-pop idol has encountered a similar situation.

So Young (소영), a member of a 10-member girl group called Fly With Me, has been using the stage name Babi (바비). Because of that, the comments section on her Instagram has been flooded with local internet trolls poking fun at her name.

Source: Twitter

Instead of staying silent, So Young then took to her Instagram with a statement to clap back at the cyber trolls. Here’s what she said:


“Malaysians who came here to mock my name have to see this post. Why are you guys doing this to me? Are you having fun just because my name is your laughing stock? I am not interested in your language.

So it doesn’t matter what my name means in your language. And I didn’t know about your country, but I don’t want to know about it anymore. If the same thing happens again even after you see my post, I will report everyone and block the account. So stop now. 

Lastly, thank you guys for helping me.”

Source: IG via MMO

The comments for the post has been disabled by the singer-dancer, after having enough of the attacks by these keyboard warriors.

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