Uniqlo’s Billie Eilish by Takashi Murakami’s collection finally made its debut in Malaysia over the weekend! The collection was sold out online and because of that, several outlets were flooded by customers.

Additionally, a number of resellers took the opportunity to earn extra money by reselling the limited edition tees. One of them included a Twitter user who shared that he purchased additional T-shirts to be resold at RM120 each (original price: RM59.90 per piece).

A lot of netizens weren’t really impressed with his “effort”. In this case, many felt that the price charged is far more expensive than the actual cost. Some also compared these scalpers to personal shoppers who often travel overseas to buy stuffs for other people.

In addition, some criticised these resellers for being selfish and only thinking of making a profit rather than helping others out. A number of commentators also pointed out that it is unfair to those who queued up but went home empty handed due to people purchasing the fashion items in bulk.

Are you willing to pay double the price just to get your own exclusive tee?

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