Behind her massive success as a global superstar, Yuna has encountered her fair share of setbacks during her earlier stint in the local music scene.

The singer took to Instagram Stories recently to share with her fans something that happened to her back in 2009.

Source: IG Story via Gempak

Yuna revealed that she went to a major music label who was looking to sign her. During the meet-up, she asked them if they could help to market her English songs and promote them internationally. Much to her disappointment, the company showed no confidence.


The label representative replied, “Yuna, no one will want to listen to your English music, just make Malay music”. Instead, the label had suggested for her to record 9 Malay songs and 1 English song for her album. “I thanked him and told him, ‘I’ll keep you updated’,” Yuna responded.

Source: IG Story via Gempak

Flash-forward to 2020, Yuna has managed to make Malaysia proud with her record-breaking achievement overseas. In her subsequent post, the “Penakut” singer shared an inspiring quote that reads, “Your goals may sound crazy to others and that’s okay. Just don’t let yourself believe them when they tell you ‘You can never do it'”.

The singer also shared collaged photos of her numerous international stint (as seen above). Some of the images include herself with world-renowned superstars like Usher and Pharrell Williams, as well as pictures of her Billboard ads in New York and a screenshot of her appearance in “Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien.


In another news, Yuna is set to headline the finale of U Mobile’s “#GroovesWithU” online music festival, joining in the massive lineup of local artistes like SonaOne and Bil Musa.

The special performance will go live tomorrow (30th May, 8:30pm) exclusively via U Mobile’s YouTube.

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