It’s been 2 months since Ashraf Sinclair’s death on 18th February and his absence is still felt by many.

Yesterday (Saturday, 18th April), the Sinclair family each took to Instagram to pay tribute to the late actor and share how they’ve been holding up over the past few weeks.

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Assalamualaikum wbt Al-Fatihah. Its 2 months today since Alm Ashraf left Bunga, Noah and all of us. We never stop our doa and read Yasin for him and for us here, to live a new life without him. For us to redho that he has gone to Rahmattullah and for us to stay close to Bunga and Noah, to watch him grow, as 'anak yang soleh', with full support from the Sinclairs and the 'keluarga besar di Jakarta'. May Allah swt grant Almarhum forgiveness and protect him over there and may Allah swt protect his loved ones over here, for Bunga and Noah to continue the love of Alm Ashraf, to treasure his positive attitude to life and to live again with happiness, gratitude and always in contribution. La illaha illa anta subha naka inni kuntu minazzorlimiin. Aamiin. Thank you very much for your doa, support, well wishes and may Allah swt reward you with your kindness. Aamiin. Wasallamualaikum wbt Al-Fatihah.

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Mummy dearest Khadijah Abdul Rahman shared that they’ve never stop praying for Bunga Cinta Lestari and Noah (plus the extended family in Jakarta), that the duo will continue “to treasure his positive attitude to life and to live again with happiness, gratitude and always in contribution“.

Meanwhile, sister Aishah expressed that “not a single day has gone by that we don’t think about you. They say time heals, but it hurts just the same“. The MIX Breakfast Show host continued, “I came across your voicenote in my Google Drive. Hearing your voice helped ease the pain a little, but reminded me that there is a void in my heart that will never be filled now that you are gone“.

Adam posted a throwback photo of him and his brother back when they were kids. In his post, he thanked Ashraf “for all the times you carried me, I know there were more than a few. Today I ventured into something new. I think you’d be proud of me. Love you always Abang Ash“.

If you’ve been following Adam and Yuna on Instagram, the couple announced the launch of Tiny Class a few days ago. It’s a virtual online class where participants can learn more about the creative industry during this MCO (movement control order). Yuna recently conducted an “Introduction to Songwriting” class while her hubby held a session on how to conceptualize music videos.

View this post on Instagram is now live! I’m super excited to share this project with you! It started last year when we did a few workshops and talks at @tinyforestsj, now we are taking our tiny classes online! We will kick off the first two classes with @adamyousofunny and I this Saturday and Sunday! Sign up for my online class this weekend where I will be sharing my creative process (I’ve never done this before!) and @adamyousofunny will be sharing his as well in his class! UPDATE: My Tiny Class is SOLD OUT! Sign up for Adam’s class he will be sharing his creative process in conceptualizing a music video! You can purchase your #tinyclassco passes at, remember to use this discount code ‘TINYCLASS10’ to get 10% off. Head on to for more info. PS: is supporting Malaysian medical front liners, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to @mercymalaysia ❤️ Please follow them too #tinyclassco

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Yuna also posted a tribute – a screenshot of several photos and clips taken during their New York trip. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, Ashraf had already warned the family of the seriousness of this coronavirus. To this day, one of her favourite memory is their trip to Disneyland.

The truth is Ashraf, you are so so loved that we are still so confused that you’re gone. Still in shock. And still struggling to let you go. But we know we have to, and settle for pictures, videos and memories,” the Malaysian songstress added.

Check out her heartfelt post below:

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Dear Abang Ash, it’s been 2 months, we still can’t believe you’re gone. I look at these pics and I can’t believe we were given that chance to hangout with you in NY, one last time. I sometimes think about you and @bclsinclair coming to LA, hanging out with us like that was going to happen again. I was always looking forward to Ash and Bunga’s random trip to LA. We’d always be on standby when that happens. Ash, you were right man. Covid19 is no joke. We’ll never make fun of your masks again- when Adam puts it on now I always remember when he made fun of you at the airport for wearing them. You would’ve enjoyed seeing him wearing one now LOL. Ash, he misses you so much!! My favourite memory of you guys is still Disneyland. We were exhausted & by the end of the day on our drive home I could see you, Bunga & Noah passed out in the backseat with all your mouths open- That was priceless!! What an honour it was to have you as my brother in law. You were always such a cool dude!! Always lookin sharp. Always knowing something we don’t. Always working on something. You carry yourself in a way that no one can ignore your presence. A great public figure & a role model to all. A wonderful son, brother, husband to Bunga, dad to Noah. The truth is Ashraf, you are so so loved that we are still so confused that you’re gone. Still in shock. And still struggling to let you go. But we know we have to, and settle for pictures, videos and memories. I remember when I was having trouble with work & we were all talking about it in our apartment. You gave me all this advice and right before you guys left for LAX, you turned around and said “Never let anyone lowball you. You are so valuable because there is only one Yuna.” I never had a brother, Ash. But what a perfectly brotherly thing to say to me when I needed it the most. You gave me & Adam a hug, and left. What a rockstar. I want you to know that now.. we pay it forward. You were always lookin out for us. Now, we’re lookin out for others. We miss you & love you Ash, we never stop praying for you. We’ll continue driving Bunga & Noah anywhere they want in LA anytime. Don’t u worry, your littlest sis gotchu. Al-Fatihah ❤️

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He loved you before he even met you. And he was so happy for us. The first time I went to US was because of him. He will always be our Cupid. Love you so much sayang,” Adam wrote in the comments section. Aw…

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