Yesterday (Tuesday, 26th May) marked Vivy Yusof’s first anniversary as a member of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)’s board of directors.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Vivy was officially appointed as one of UiTM’s board members back on 26th May 2019, which received quite a bit of backlash from everyone at the time the announcement was made.

Vivy Yusof
Source: IG Story

“(This) didn’t come without its challenges. Even from Day 1 of my appointment, many wanted me out with reason that I’m too young and I’m not an alumni – which motivated me even more. Especially when I received so much love and support from students, staff and fellow board members. I cannot give up,” wrote Vivy on her Instagram Story update.


In the same post, the 33-year-old style icon further added that her main focus is on the students’ welfare and entrepreneurship. According to Vivy, “I gave myself a few months to learn the ropes and to study existing initiatives. And now I’m ready to implement my own initiatives to head of faculties. Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened :(.” 

Source: Twitter

Optimistic, Vivy then concluded the message by writing, “Cannot wait for us to return to normal, Kak Vivy has some exciting plans for you, UiTM!” implying that she already has things set in motion for the local learning institution.

Hats off to you, Vivy for achieving the one-year milestone! Keep up the good work of inspiring others. 🙂

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