An alleged staff member of BTS (방탄소년단) has landed in hot waters for using the company’s vehicle for personal purposes.

Recently, an online community post claimed that the BTS manager drove his girlfriend around using the group’s van.

Source: IG Story

As stated in the post, the girlfriend took to her Instagram Story to congratulate her boyfriend for getting a job at BTS’ agency last year. Afterwards, she posted several more images inside the vehicle, to which she remarked with comments such as, “Wow! It’s a celebrity’s van.”


The original writer of the post also spilled that the girlfriend has done it many times. However, he/she wasn’t able to screenshot the evidence every time she took to social media to brag about BTS’ van. Not only that, the post also claimed that some of the manager’s friends had even been in the vehicle for hang out sessions!

Source: IG Story via AllKpop

A lot of ARMYs (as fans are lovingly called) were shocked after coming across the offensive post. Soon after, the manager was met with hateful remarks from a few die-hard supporters of the 7-member boy group. Some of the comments include:

  • “Shouldn’t the managed be fired?”
  • “It’s wrong to use a van for personal use and it’s definitely wrong for an outsider to take pictures and upload it on social media.”
  • “You look like a moving germ. Shouldn’t we disinfect the the vehicle after this.”
  • “Urgh, I can’t stand the bragging online.”
Source: K-Luv

Additionally, others hoped that BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment would step in to handle the problem as soon as possible.

Source: AllKpop.

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