Play M Entertainment’s upcoming girl group WEEEKLY (위클리) is gearing up for their official K-pop debut!

The good news was made official by Play M, home label to other famous acts namely Apink and VICTON. Interestingly, this will be the company’s first girl group in almost ten years following the “Mr. Chu” hit-makers’ first appearance in 2011.

As stated by Play M, the girls are set to drop their first single sometime in June. Without further ado, let’s meet the the stunning girls of WEEEKLY!

1. Lee Soojin (이수진)

  • Position: Main dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
  • Birthday: 12th December 2001 (Age 19)
  • She appeared on the survival show MIXNINE (2017), but soon dropped out after she got involved in an accident with the former fellow trainees Soomin and Bowon.

2. Shin Jiyoon (신지윤)

  • Position: Lead vocalist, Lead dancer, Rapper
  • Birthday: 2nd March 2002 (Age 18)
  • Her motto: “Let’s live like the colour blue; Honestly, coolly and beautifully!”

3. Monday (먼데이)

  • Birth name: Kim Jimin (김지민)
  • Position: Main vocalist, Lead dancer
  • Birthday: 10th May 2002 (Age 18)
  • Fellow members gave Monday the nickname “Superhuman” because she is good at sports.

4. Park Soeun (박소은)

  • Position: Lead vocalist, Lead dancer, Rapper
  • Birthday: 26th October 2002 (Age 18)
  • Soeun names IU as her role model in the industry.

5. Lee Jaehee (이재희)

  • Position: Lead rapper, Vocalist
  • Birthday: 18th March 2004 (Age 16)
  • Jaehee debuted as a child actress with experience acting in films like “Detective K” and “Fatal Encounter”.

6. Jihan (지한)

  • Birth name: Han Jihyo (한지효)
  • Position: Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
  • Birthday: 12th July 2004 (Age 16)
  • She is a a big fan of LOONA (also known as Orbit), revealing that her phone gallery is full of pictures of the 12-member girl group.

7. Zoa (조아)

  • Birth name: Jo Hyewon (조혜원)
  • Position: Rapper
  • Birthday: 31st May 2005 (Age 15)
  • Zoa’s nickname in the group is “Giant Baby” – she’s the tallest member.

Are y’all excited for WEEEKLY’s official debut?

Sources: Soompi, Kpop Profiles.

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