IU (아이유) is currently slaying the charts with her new single “Eight” featuring BTS member Suga. But the spotlight is on the song’s accompanying music video.

Fans had been coming up with their own theories and speculations ever since the 3-minute and 52-second long clip made its way online. Interestingly, some of them pointed out that the video is a direct reference to her beloved friend Sulli, who sadly departed last October.



In the clip, an animated girl is seen flying happily in her white dress while the other girl (presumably IU) looks at her while uttering the lyrics, “Are you happy now?”. Well, a lot of fans are convinced enough that the girl is indeed the “To The Beautiful You” actress.

Apart from that, some pointed that the title “Eight” symbolises 8 years the two have been friends. Previously, IU had written a song about Sulli called “Red Queen” which included in her 4th EP “Chat-Shire”. Because of this, many netizens believe that IU dedicated “Eight” as a tribute to the former f(x) member.

Others also pointed that Sulli’s former stylist also worked on the set, leading to more debates among K-fans coming its way. Check out some of the interesting theories by K-pop fans on Twitter here:

In case y’all haven’t watched the MV, feel free to do so now and tell us what do you think 🙂

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