A couple of famous TikTok users got called out recently for making use of choreography for APINK (에이핑크)’s chart-topping hit “Dumhdurum” without their permission.

To top it off, they even referred the dance as a “new challenge” using a completely different song! As seen in the tweet below, a fan even put together a split-screen view of the two dances for those who are not familiar with the choreography.

Sources: YouTube, TikTok

In response to the massive backlash, one of the girls from the clip, Jaz (@jazlynbaybee) took to her social media to clap back at the naysayers, further sparking outrage among K-fans – particularly Pink Pandas (loyal APINK supporters). “…(Otherwise) go talk to APINK or someone who wants to listen to negativity because I don’t care,” said the lady.

Disappointed with the girl’s unapologetic response, fans then started swarming her TikTok account with tons of negative remarks. The TikTok dancer ended up disabling the comments section, presumably to avoid further criticism from die-hard fans of the girl group. She also subsequently has change her Instagram to private.

Despite that, others continued to slam the girls on Twitter to express their frustration towards the girls who claimed that they were the ones who created the sequence. Someone even commented, “The colonisers (white people) are at it AGAIN.”


Moral of the story: It is always important to give credit where credit is due.

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