The internet went nuts over the past few days regarding the existence of a Telegram group chat under the name “Agama BTS” (BTS Religion) allegedly “founded” by hardcore fans of the 7-member boy group – widely known as ARMYs.

The admin of the group also introduced what is known as the BTS pillars to symbolise the members’ loyalty to the boys, much to everyone’s dismay. According to Gempak, the chatroom was joined by over 4000 participants from Indonesia and also Malaysia.

Source: Twitter via Buzzkini

In response, ARMYs nationwide has step in to clarify the real situation. There were also a few who seek the help of the public and fellow fans to report the controversial chatroom. This was done in order to prevent BTS from becoming the target of unfair criticism from local keyboard warriors.


Not long after that, the undercover of a group of ARMYs who disguised themselves as members of the chatroom eventually succeeded in proving that it was merely a tactic intended by an anti-BTS individual.

Fans urged to expose the founder of the group and have the culprit publicly apologise for the damages done. According to them, the founder’s actions not only gave a negative impression to everyone, but it also insulted the religion.


Source: Twitter

Following the incident, fans of BTS trended “#StayStrongMYARMYs” to show their support for Malaysian ARMYs. The hashtag is still trending as at time of writing (Friday, 8th March).

Source: Gempak.

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