BIGBANG member G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji Yong, 권지용) recently shared with his fans a glimpse of his newly-bought luxury house on his Instagram.

The spotlight, though, is on this one particular photo of a painting featuring all BIGBANG members (including ex-member Seungri) in the post. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the OT5 art is the same one that he uploaded some time in 2016 – way before Seungri’s incident took place.


When international V.I.Ps (BIGBANG fans) came across the post, many left positive remarks towards him. They even believed that the post hinted that G-Dragon still considers BIGBANG as a group of five, despite the controversies caused by the youngest member. Some of the comments that we’ve found on Instagram include:

  • “I’m crying T.T BIGBANG is 5 forever.”
  • “Hope you are doing well, baby. BIGBANG is 5.”
  • “BIGBANG is 5🎉… GD even agrees so😍”
  • “How everybody miss you, Ji… And we miss all the 5 of you. I miss Seungrii so much too 😭🤗🤗🤗🤗”
  • “Omg do u mean ot5 😭😭😭😭😭😭 please say yes …we want u all together …u guys r like our family ❤❤❤😍”
Source: IG via Knetizen

On the contrary, a number of Korean press outlets that covered the story has in turn received significant backlash from K-netizens. In this case, the “Heartbreaker” jam-maker was criticised for coming up with the Instagram update.

Some even left hateful remarks by name-calling the members as “criminals” and labelled the group as a “has-been” after such a long hiatus. Feel free to check out some of the other negative comments below:

  • “Yes~~ Whether as five, four, or one, just stay off of TV.”
  • “Besides Taeyang, all of them are criminal thugs who have been investigated by prosecutors hahaha.”
  • “BIGBANG.. I don’t know anyone around me who still likes them.”
  • “All those stupid fangirls are still offering up their money to him lol.”
Source: Seoulbeats

Which side are you on – the supporters or the haters?

Sources: Jazmine Media, PannKpop.

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