In the recent episode of “7.7 Billion in Love” (77억의 사랑), Super Junior’s Heechul (김희철) opened up on his honest thoughts on the tragic deaths of his 2 best friends – Sulli (설리) and Goo Hara (구하라).

During the chat, the K-pop star slammed haters who threw out malicious comments by saying those netizens weren’t reflecting on their reckless behaviour. But instead, they “fight among one another on opposite genders”.

Source: Kstarlive

Soon after that, a media reporter and columnist named Wi Geunwoo took to his Instagram to seemingly throw some shade at Heechul for his blatant statement about the issue. “The late Sulli was a victim of both male and female malicious commentators. It seems to me that to replace the faults of these malicious commenters with issues of gender conflicts, and to call out both sides in the ongoing conflict as ‘wrong’ is a mistake.” he wrote on the post.


Geunwoo continued by writing, “Heechul’s opinion should not reflect the late Sulli’s own thoughts. The more his words are seen as such, the more criticism he should receive as a result.” Fuelled with anger, Heechul then responded with a counter-statement on the comments section.

The “Sorry Sorry” singer replied, “Ahjussi (Uncle), is it really that important whether or not the culprits are ‘male’ or ‘female’? Regardless of their gender, if they commit crimes then they’re just criminals. Plus, my song “Charm of Life” is directed toward malicious people who spread rumours and left derogatory remarks about me; why do you think it has anything to do with me calling out feminists?

Heechul continued by writing, “A lot of us are still mourning over the loss. The topic was also brought up very carefully. So, who are you to write insensitively, using the names of the deceased? I wanted to just ignore this … but, really, you’re doing all kinds of s*** for the sake of fame. Lastly, do not use the deceased as tools in your petty fights.”

It’s refreshing to see Heechul take a firm stand in what he believes when most K-pop stars would just stay silent.

Source: AllKpop.

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