Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) celebrated his 10-year wedding anniversary with Lisa S when he posted a never-before-seen wedding photo from South Africa.

The 45-year-old actor thanked his supermodel wife for 18 years of love and companionship. The couple has since been living in the United States with their 6-year-old daughter Raven.

What caught netizens’ attention was a post uploaded a few weeks ago, with a snapshot of a hand sanitiser that was plastered with a strange label that reads, “Maybe you touched your genitals”. Why would someone use that tagline? Perhaps the brand thought it was a cheeky statement.

Hand sanitiser has become a rare commodity these days. We were able to find this on Amazon. It should work right? But honestly being married for almost ten years, I would say my genitals are probably the cleanest part of my body so why would I need to sanitise after touching them?” Daniel wrote in his caption.

The comments section has since been flooded with over a thousand comments. Inquisitive minds wanted to know “how marriage equates to genital cleanliness“, to which Hong Kong-American star replied, “lack of use”.

Was Daniel suggesting that he has been lacking in the sex life department? Or perhaps he was simply joking – only Lisa can tell you that 😉

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