Dato’ Aliff Syukri has appear once again to shed some light on his marital crisis with his wife, Datin Shahida. In his recent update on Instagram Story, Aliff insisted that he was not the one who started the drama with the ex-Solehah member.

Though he didn’t specifically mentioned any names, the “Bobo Di Mana” singer further issued a stern warning for the party (presumably Shahida’s side) to quit making false claims about him.


For those who are curious, the full statement reads:

“Please don’t involve my family. Don’t add more to the story with false accusations. The one who caused fuss to the media about the information from the Syariah Court was not me. Furthermore, I didn’t start this mess. You don’t want to challenge me.”

Word has it that both Aliff and Shahida stopped following each other on social media since last month. Not only that, even Aliff’s mom, Bonda Rozita Ibrahim further fuelled everybody’s speculations by unfollowing her daughter-in-law as well.

Source: Meh Baca

It didn’t stop there, guys! The famed health supplement entrepreneur also came up with a post on her Instagram – seemingly to throw some shade at Shahida, much to netizens’ dismay. Despite that, Shahida hasn’t respond to any of the statements by the mother-son duo.

With the addition of Rozita in the drama, it looks like the marital dispute between the two is getting nasty. Do y’all agree?

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