Another relative of the late Goo Hara (구하라) is shedding some more light on her broken relationship with her mother.

In the recent episode of MBC’s documentary “True Story” (실화단독), which focuses on the “Invincible Youth” star’s family life, her uncle shared that Hara did asked him to help find her mom prior to her passing.


“Hara asked me to find her mom for her, she told me not to tell anyone. I just thought that she missed her mom as she was getting older,” the man said in the interview. The former KARA member was also advised by her psychiatrist to arrange a meet-up with her mother back in 2017.

However, the outcome of the reunion was not as beautiful as expected. According to her elder brother Goo Hoin, “After they met, Hara told me she shouldn’t have met her in the first place. She grew up missing and resenting her mom a lot. But after meeting her, she felt nothing. She said the memories seemed strange to her.” 

In relating news, Ho In recently launched a petition called “Goo Hara Law” with the objective to protect the assets of children that were abandoned by their parents.

This came in the midst of the ongoing drama between him and their biological mother over the wealth and properties left by the former K-pop star.

Source: AllKpop.

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