Goo Hara (구하라)’s elder brother, Goo Hoin (구호인) has spoken up about his ongoing conflict with his mother.

Hoin recently made an exclusive appearance in SBS’ “Access Showbiz Tonight” (본격연예 한밤), where he shed some light on how his mother reacted upon hearing the news of her daughter’s passing.

Source: Koreaboo

According to the soon-to-be daddy, he didn’t intend to make a fuss out of the ongoing conflict over Hara’s properties. However, he felt dutiful as an elder brother to speak up about the matter. He recalled the time when their mother showed up at the “City Hunter” actress’ funeral, causing disturbance among the public.


“Our mother’s legal reps came to us a few days after Hara’s funeral, asking for half of her left properties. I can’t forgive the fact that she had hired lawyers. I wonder how such a person who abandoned their child can receive equal amount of inheritance to our father who is trying his best to be responsible,” Hoin said in the chat.

Source: Jazmine Media

Both Hara and Hoin lived with their aunt and grandma after their mother abandoned them back in their younger days. On the other hand, their father travelled all over the country working on construction sites to provide support for the family.

In a shocking revelation, it’s reported that the Civil Act explained that a mother or father still has the right to the inheritance of a child even if they didn’t provide for them, relating to the fact that the former KARA member was unmarried.

Instead, they clarified that the law only acknowledges high-profiled cases such as crimes against humanity, like murder, as a valid reason for disqualifying someone from their right to inherit the properties left by the deceased, causing widespread backlash among everyone.

Sources: Soompi, Instagram

Hoin’s lawsuit against the woman is currently underway.

Sources: Jazmine Media, Soompi.

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