The recent episode of Netflix/tvN’s “Hi Bye, Mama” (하이바이, 마마) recently made headlines after fans of the K-drama have speculated that the plot is actually based on a true story dated 4 years ago.

In the show, the character Park Hye Jin (played by Bae Yoon Kyung) is portrayed as a ghost who died from suicide, following constant bullying from her fellow co-workers at a workplace. So, what are the similarities?

Source: Starnews

Going back to 2016, there was a story about a young woman only known as Ms. A, who studied hard to enter a fashion company, but she ended up becoming a victim of bullying at her office – similar to what Hyejin had gone through in the series. Some of her sufferings include when her colleagues threw a sharp pin on the floor, at the same time when Ms. A was about to pick up a trash on the floor.


Prior to her suicide, it’s reported that Ms. A texted a friend, saying that she’s “being bullied”, and added, “I think they’re telling me to die”, and “It’ll be resolved if I disappear”, and ultimately ended her own life.

Worse, word has it that Ms. A’s bullies, as well as her other colleagues, didn’t have the guts to visit her grave to bid their farewell. Some even claimed that the boyfriend of the poor lady also chose to end his life following his loved one’s tragic passing.

Source: Koreaboo

The case was previously covered in MBC’s controversial investigative journalism programme “PD Note” that same year. However, Ms. A’s former company denied that such bullying happened and further shut down her family’s accusations.

Source: Koreaboo.

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