Famed fashion mogul Vivy Yusof recently caused a stir for agreeing with an offensive statement posted by a fellow entrepreneur regarding the financial aid given by the government.

In fact, a lot of people have been expressing their disappointment over the fact that she’s disrespecting the poor and criticised her for overly boasting her luxurious lifestyle. Even Dato’ Rizalman Ibrahim felt the same way.

Source: RotiKaya

The local fashion icon recently took to his Instagram Live to give his two cents on the issue. During the session, Rizalman openly asked, “So if you’re already rich, why do you still want to take away their allocation? What are you going to do (with the money)? There’s no need to be greedy, do you understand?”


Furthermore, Rizalman said that even though a number of netizens are not able to afford designer goods, they already know that these upper class people tend to show off their wealth online. “When you want to take a picture for Raya, y’all will often make a pact and asked ‘Eh, where’s my handbag?’ What’s the motive of holding a bag while posing for a Raya photo? This is stupid. Even as a fashion designer myself, I feel disgusted.” 

Meanwhile, a local netizen known as Muzakir Xynll (@mzkrx) has also voiced out his opinion about the controversy. He shared a clip on his social media, saying that he had heard a lot of complaints from the T20 community that the government is not helping them amid the movement control order.

“That’s not good. Because as a T20 earner myself, I feel hurt financially of course. But I shouldn’t complain as much. Even though I’ve been having to deal with a lot of problems in terms of money, I’ve had to fire a few of my workers and I just had to learn to do everything on my own. I also had to spend for online courses,” said Muzakir in the clip.

Known for his hilarious sarcasm on social media, he also added some interesting “tips” that can be used for everyone during this critical time. For those interested, y’all can check out his hilarious video below:

Do you agree with both Rizalman and Muzakir?

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