Say it isn’t so! Is Dato’ Aliff Syukri‘s marriage with wife Datin Shahida on the rocks?

Over the past few days, the duo have left several hints regarding their broken relationship. In a surprising turn, Shahida has reportedly filed for divorce from the controversial entrepreneur.

Source: IG

However, Shahida refused to give further remarks in regards to the matter when contacted by Harian Metro. “I don’t want to comment anything about my marriage. I’m really sorry,” she told the local news outlet.


In the meantime, the former Solehah member assured everyone that all their kids are currently with her. Even Aliff himself declined to comment on Shahida’s decision, further stirring everyone’s curiosity.

Thus, local netizens have begun flooding the comments section of both Aliff and Shahida’s social media accounts with several questions and speculations. Apart from that, a few concerned fans also wished for their dispute to be resolved, especially for the sake of their children.

For the uninitiated, the recurring status of Aliff and Shahida’s marriage sparked a heated debate when the two stopped following each other on Instagram. He recently released his latest song “Cuba Bahagia”, which talks about a man who longs for happiness in his life.

Source: RotiKaya.

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