Fans have been learning a lot of Wu Chun (吴尊) lately, thanks to his new reality show, “Before Marriage”.

In one of the recent episodes, the 40-year-old singer-actor and wife Lin Liying reminisce about their hush-hush wedding when they got married in 2004 (he previously said it was 2009).

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The pair reflected back to the time when Liying had to participate in the wedding photoshoot alone as her famous hubby was occupied with Fahrenheit duties. Since they couldn’t risked jeopardising Wu Chun‘s music career as a Taiwanese boybander, everything had to kept in secrecy.


I was in Taiwan at that time,” Wu Chun recalled, “We couldn’t go public (with our relationship), if I were at the shoot, the whole world would know (about our marriage)! So, we were left with no choice.”

Wu Chun

Liying’s family member even remarked that her solo shots were more of a creative photoshoot rather than a wedding photo. Despite several attempts to make up for lost time, Liying had been turning down Wu Chun’s offer for a photoshoot together.

The entertainer said that he had even hired photographer and planned for possible shoot locations, but the missus wouldn’t budge. The reason being? She was entering her 40s and didn’t see the point of it.

The couple’s relatives disagreed though. During a family gathering, one of them brought out a family photo album containing the family’s wedding shoots. They then flipped to the last page to reveal an empty slot – saying that it was reserved for Wu Chun and Liying.

This apparently sealed the deal because Liying gave in and agreed that it would be meaningful look back in years to come. “I think it would be good to be able to look back at the (new) wedding photos again when I’m older,” she said.

The lovebirds have 2 children together. Daughter Neinei (Wu Xin Yi), who share the same birthday as her dad, was born on 10th October 2010. Meanwhile, son Max was born on 11th October 2013, sharing the same birthday as his mum.

Wu Chun
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Source: Today Online.

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