Strength, elegance, resilience – These are some traits embodied by our favourite heroines! Check out our leading ladies who we believe exude tremendous tenacity and inner beauty, serving as inspiring role models for women everywhere. They have shown us that anything is possible – you just need to demonstrate bravery, independence and perseverance to accomplish what your heart desires.

As we continue to celebrate strong and empowering women this March, let’s take a peek at 7 exemplary female characters – including our very own Malaysian heroines – who have made their mark on screens and inspired us!

1. Diana Prince (“Wonder Woman”)

Source: Warner Bros.

An Amazonian warrior princess, Diana Prince is one of the world’s first superheroes. With her flaming fighting spirit, she believes in the collective power of women to challenge any form of evil, especially those that seek to destroy their reputation. Wonder Woman is truly an empowering symbol of feminine power, embodying the true spirit of a ‘Woman of Wonder’!


2. Patience Philips (“Catwoman”)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

After Patience Philips was killed abruptly, she was miraculously revived by The Greatest Goddess Bastet and transformed into a Catwoman – a powerful feline superhuman. The Catwomen were created to teach mankind a life lesson of humanity; that there is no pure good or evil, no black and white, and that humans are all grey beings. Now armed with self-confidence and a strong sense of justice Patience Philips has become a fierce warrior with the force of a cat who prowls the night.

3. Kate Kane (“Batwoman”)

Source: Twitter

Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, military-trained street fighter Kate Kane is a quick-witted young woman who suffered immense tragedy in her life. Dubbed as a masked vigilante in her home of Gotham City, Kate, who is also widely known as Batwoman, serves as a beacon of change. She often rights the wrongs of social justice and fights for those marginalised in society.

Batwoman created waves by changing the way viewers perceived superheroes. As the female star of the show, she embodies strong traits that continue to inspire young women all over the world.

4. Sara Lance (“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”)

Empowering Female
Source: Warner TV

Sara Lance, also known as the White Canary, is a courageous woman with a complicated history. Despite her past, she freed herself from her burdens and has demonstrated incomparable perseverance by remaining true to herself. Now, a twist of fate has led her onto her current path: Acting Captain of the Waveraider and the leader of the Legends.

Sara has been quoted, “If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear”. Her undying bravery and fearlessness has shaped who she is today, proving that self-confidence and courage are key traits of empowerment. White Canary herself has never backed down from a fight, always asserting authority over who she is dealing with, no matter where she is.

5. Kara Danvers (“Supergirl”)

Source: The CW

Being one of the most powerful superheroes in Arrowverse, Kara Danvers is the ultimate heroine for many, breaking every stereotype of a superhero. But she is more than just a woman with superpowers – Supergirl possesses strong human qualities like humility, kindness and selflessness, serving as an inspiration for many young women all over the world.

A ‘Woman of Wonder’ doesn’t always mean having superpowers, but also giving “hope, help and compassion for all” – a motto held close to heart by Supergirl. Indeed, a warm and generous heart can serve as an equally strong armour.

Now, let’s have a look at our Malaysian heroines!


6. Alicia (“Ejen Ali”)

A leader by nature and the top student in her class, Ejen Alicia chased her dreams of wanting to be a trained agent despite her father’s objections. Often described as a miniature warrior princess throwing formidable slingshots and stylish kicks, Alicia is a strong and independent heroine empowering little girls to never back down and always rise above the rest.

7. Amy (“Supermak”)

She’s no ordinary mother – Amy is a full-time housewife demonstrating the strength and speed of a teenager, having inherited her powers from her ancestors in the Riau Islands. However, with great power comes great accountability, and Amy justifies her role as a supermom through her selflessness and willpower to protect her kids from all evil.

Can’t get enough of these fearless female figures? Catch our Women of Wonder on Warner TV (Astro Ch 719 and Unifi TV Ch 451) this March during these timeslots:

  • Women of Wonder Movie Specials featuring “Wonder Woman” (8th March) and “Catwoman” (22nd March): Sundays @ 9pm
  • “Batwoman”: Available only on demand via Astro On Demand, Astro GO; uniFi PlayTV
  • “DC Legends Of Tomorrow”: Wednesdays @ 9:50pm
  • “Supergirl”: Mondays at 9:50pm

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