Former K-pop idol Cheska (real name Ahn Minji, 안민지) has been gaining widespread attention over the past few days.

This came following her recent live “Ask Me Anything” session where she spilled some inside stories on various topics, including the struggles she had during her short stint in the Hallyu scene.

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The 28-year-old recalled the time when she met ex-SISTAR member Hyorin. Cheska claimed that the “Dally” songstress gave her the side eye. “I was going to the bathroom, I waited in line, then I went in and peed. After that, I came out to wash my hands. I saw Hyorin and she said, ‘Okay, the bathroom’s empty. You can use it. No one’s using it. I’m done using it.’ And she gave me that face,” Cheska revealed.


In regards to the unexpected encounter, Cheska dished that Hyorin’s manager told her that the powerhouse vocalist reacted that way because she just wanted to smoke. It’s revealed that such behaviour is common among senior girl groups. “You don’t always have to trust all the gossips you heard about K-pop artistes,” she added.

On another live broadcast, Cheska talked about plastic surgery among K-pop stars. She assured that all idols have went under the knife. It’s just that the method is usually done in a way that makes it look “natural”.

She even called BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Red Velvet’s Irene and TWICE’s Nayeon out and claimed that they’ve got their job done on their faces, just by looking at their photos. “These girls went through surgery, but it’s natural surgery… Unlike Park Bom; Her face is completely gone.”

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Besides the two mentioned topics, Cheska further opened up on other controversial issues such as sexual harassment, industry manipulation, bullying among Fiestar members, as well as former teammate Cao Lu’s previous claims that the group didn’t make money in the past.

Soon after her live broadcast session made its way online, a number of die-hard fans have been slamming Cheska for being brutally honest. She had to ultimately take down her two live clips as a result to the massive backlash she received.


In her recent update on Instagram, she clarified that she just wants to “live a normal life” outside of the spotlight. She also posted a few screenshots of articles posted by numerous news outlet across the country, saying that they’ve posted wrong informations about her. Feel free to read her full statement here:

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