Uh-oh! Looks like things have turned sour between Dato’ Aliff Syukri and the late Abam Bocey‘s younger brother, Ali Puteh.

This drama started following the D’Herbs owner’s visit to Abam’s wife, Nor Hidayah Mohd Ali’s residence in Gombak. Fueled with anger, the comedian took to his Instagram, posting a snarky message targeted to his sister-in-law.


The 31-year-old then shifted his focus to Aliff Syukri. He claimed that the “Abang Nak Tegur” singer was trying to take advantage of his family’s misery after Abam left. In addition, Ali challenged Aliff to face him and his family in his follow-up Instagram post.

Ali then uploaded a screenshot of Aliff Syukri’s Facebook post. Disappointed with the entrepreneur’s action, he vowed to get down to the bottom of Aliff’s true motive. “For the sake of YouTube and wealth that you’re pursuing, you violated our religion with your behaviour,” Ali wrote on the caption.

In response, Aliff posted a counter-statement on his social media to explain the real situation that happened during his trip to Hidayah’s house. According to the 32-year-old business mogul, his intention was to provide some financial assistance as well as to donate home appliances to the family.

“I don’t understand. I only gave some money and appliances from AS Legacy Sdn. Bgd. because I could see that she needs it. I also greeted the family and was warmly welcomed by them,” he clarified. Aliff further explained, saying that there is no bad blood from Hidayah and her family.

“All of the questions have been approved. It’s not like I played around during the session (Please note. Don’t say that I didn’t care about people’s sensitivity). I’m not even making money through YouTube videos; it’s only enough to pay for my fuel. But I actually came to help,” Aliff wrote.


He continued, “I’m okay with proper discussions. But why do you want to pick a fight (referring to Ali)??? Please watch the live clip before slamming. I’m not blaming anyone and I didn’t even bother to curse them. I have kept 10 more recordings in my storage as proof.”

“In fact, I will always ask for their approval before uploading the clips. And plus, we came by invitation so think before you act (I’m not rich. If I generate money via YouTube videos, I will make a business out of it),” Aliff concluded.

So, whose side are you on – team Ali or team Aliff?

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