There’s no doubt that Malaysian comedian Abam Bocey’s passing has left everyone in shock. Fans as well as fellow celebrities attended his funeral yesterday (Monday, 10th February) to bid their final farewell to him.

Despite the sad atmosphere, there are also some who have been insensitive of the matter. For instance, a number of Takaful insurance agents have been exposed for making use of the Gombak-born’s passing to promote their services.


Based on the Facebook screenshots above, these agents have been attempting to promote their Takaful scheme that offers “hibah”. In case you don’t know, “hibah” is basically a gift given to others in accordance to the donor’s wish. According to Takaful’s definition, the term refers to the benefit received by the beneficiary in case an accident or death occurs.

Though their intention was just to warn everyone to prepare for the worst, local netizens have in turn voiced out their dissatisfaction and slammed the agents for their “rubbish” marketing stunt.

Check out some of their comments below:


What are your thoughts on this?

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