The recent news of Ashraf Sinclair‘s sudden passing came as a big surprise for everyone. This relates to the fact that the late star has been relatively fit and didn’t show any signs of illness at all.

The Malaysian model-turned-actor – who found fame as the character Eddy in 2005 movie “Gol & Gincu” – passed away yesterday (Tuesday, 18th February) due to heart attack. He was 40 years old.


It’s arguable that heart disease can be considered as a silent killer for everyone. This is because it can happen to anyone at anytime, regardless of any age.

If you’re searching for precautionary steps, then look no further as we’ve come up with a list of 10 symptoms that can lead to heart attack. Scroll down to find out more:

1. Extreme tiredness

Extreme tiredness referred here has nothing to do with tiredness due to excessive physical activity. People who are at risk of heart disease will often have difficulty in carrying out simple activities like walking to the bathroom or even taking a glass of water to drink.

In this case, you will have to avoid heavy sports activities. For those who don’t know, there’s also been a case where someone died while playing futsal due to heart failure. Please be extra careful, everyone!

2. Abdominal pain 

According to experts, over 50% of cases have recorded that individuals with weak hearts will complain of abdominal pain. This may lead to other symptoms such as nausea, bloating, or even vomiting. This symptom shows no mercy whether you’re a male or female.

3. Shortness of breath


Meanwhile, about 40% of people who suffer from heart disease will face difficulty in breathing. If the situation continues for a longer period of time, one may be at risk for heart disease. Not only that, this symptom also causes a person to feel dizzy.

4. Fatigue and nausea

Heart Attack

Speaking of feeling dizzy, you may also shows signs of fatigue and feel nauseous. In addition, you might also experience cold sweat from your pores along the process.

5. Excessive sweating

Another warning sign of heart attack is excessive sweating, despite not doing any physical activities. As you may know, your heart requires extra effort to pump the blood in the blocked arteries. Thus, your body will sweat more in order to keep your body temperature low.

6. Hair loss

For the ladies, you have to be very cautious if you lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. This may also refer to symptoms that lead to heart attack. This condition is also the same for men over 50 years old.

7. Insomnia

Don’t be surprised! Insomnia can also be associated with an increased risk of heart attack and also stroke. The notable symptoms of insomnia include difficulty of falling asleep, often awake at night as well as waking up too early. This might affect your sleeping cycle as a result.

Studies have found a significant link between the risk of heart failure and insomnia. In a research conducted in China, as reported in the Neurology journal, people who are suffering at least 3 signs of insomnia are most likely to have heart attack.

8. Irregular heartbeat

Heart Attack

In this case, either your heart will suddenly stop for a moment or will beat continuously despite not being in a panic state and so on. This often happens in an unexpected manner and will last for 1-2 minutes. If the condition persists, you might feel dizzy and tired. Therefore, it’s best for you to see the doctor for further treatment before it’s too late.

9. Back pain

Who would have thought that those who have been suffering from back pain are also at risk of having heart attack. The pain is usually felt between your two bones and can spread from your chest all the way to your back.

10. Extreme pain in the chest

Heart Attack

Definitely the most noticeable symptoms of all – most patients will often experience extreme pain including the notion of being stabbed in the heart. Don’t take it lightly if you’ve encountered such episodes and seek for medical consultation immediately.

Stay healthy, everyone!

Sources: Sirap Limau, Wanista.

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