Remember when we announced that Emma Maembong was speculated to be getting married this month? This time around, we’ve got you fully covered on a few updates.

Word has it recently that she’ll be tying the knot this Thursday (20th February 2020), in conjunction with the auspicious 20/02/20!

Source: RotiKaya

According to Harian Metro, the wedding will be held privately, where only relatives and close friends will be in attendance. In regards to the identity of her future husband (referred to as Mr. S), it’s revealed that he is not a family member of the royalty. In reality, the 32-year-old currently serves as a pilot for a private airline.


Sources close to the “Ajari Playboy Itu” actress also spilled that the two met for a really short time before deciding on settling down. Unfortunately, details of the upcoming ceremony were not further disclosed as requested by Emma’s family members.

Source: Instagram

So far, Emma has yet to give any confirmation regarding the matter. Busy with her preparations to walk down the aisle, perhaps?

Source: RotiKaya.

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