Malaysian singer Aishah took to her Instagram with a sarcastic statement to address Dato’ Seri Vida’s ongoing drama with Azwan Ali.

The “Selanjur Bercinta” songstress wrote, “That’s what it feels like when such apology was ridiculed and made fun of. Feeling humiliated? Does it hurt your feelings that much?” Aishah wrote. She further posted a few more rants online, pointing out her frustration towards netizens’ backlash against her.

Source: Gempak

Though she didn’t specifically mentioned any names, many assumed that Aishah’s snarky message was targeted at Dato’ Vida. For those who don’t know, both of them were involved in a highly-publicised feud back in 2018. The “Janji Manismu” hit-maker claimed that she was gifted a fake jewellery prize after she won a local singing competition.


Refusing to stay silent, the Qu Puteh owner posted a screenshot of an article, along with a caption that reads, “Don’t you ever compare your case with mine. You apologised in such a disgusting manner.. When media outlets gathered, you lost your self consciousness. You even blamed others who weren’t involved (with the issue).”

Dato’ Vida added, “I stayed quiet in the past because I wanted to give what you demanded. Even other organisers worldwide would never let you choose what you get.” As at time of writing (Monday, 17th February), the post has received over 29,000 likes online.

After she found out about Aishah’s update, Dato’ Vida gave taunting remarks to Aishah who tried to get involved with her ongoing case with Azwan Ali. “I gave Aishah a chance since she was being too desperate. So, don’t ever compare my issue with Azwan with hers,” the “I Am Me” singer was quoted as saying.

Moral of the story: You don’t want to get on Dato’ Vida’s bad side.

Source: RotiKaya.

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