Super Junior member Heechul (김희철) recently made his appearance in “Petionista Taengoo” V Live show hosted by one of his close celebrity friends, Taeyeon (태연) from Girls’ Generation.

During the session, both of the K-pop idols had a heart-to-heart chat on various topics, including the 36-year-old’s surprising news about him dating TWICE’s Momo (모모).


“The public as well as my fans must feel upset when the news (about his relationship) came out. But instead of being mad, they told me, ‘You’ve never caused any big issue in the past up until now so it’s still fine. Thank you so much and we will always cheer for you,’ That made me feel more guilty,” he told the “Spark” songstress.

“I’m only able to accept a certain amount of love from the public, but after this incident, so many fans showed me tons of support, and I felt sorry for receiving all of it. So I thought to myself that I might not have what it takes to be a public figure,” the “Mr. Simple” hit maker further added.

Taeyeon then responded by jokingly saying, “Crazy people like you should be celebrities.” Heechul then asked “Are you comforting me or teasing me?” Additionally, he revealed that he had to put to halt the release of his solo album “Flower Petal”. Heechul confessed that he’s afraid of people’s misunderstandings.

“I wanted to block anything that could be misinterpreted,” the talented entertainer clarified, before adding, “So I talked to our company that I’d release my album later. I was sad. But at the same time, I don’t think I made a wrong choice.” He further assured that he’s trying to be positive and is now more optimistic.

Check out the full clip of their heartwarming conversation here:

Source: Jazmine Media.

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