Malaysian celebrities Sharifah Rose and Liyana Jasmay recently caused a major stir among local netizens.

The former found herself in hot water after an Instastory shot of herself not donning her hijab during her holiday trip in Phuket went viral online. On the other hand, the latter uploaded a photo of herself with her family members without covering her hair.


The famed social media influencer took to her Twitter in order to clear the air. She claimed that she did cover her hair with a cap, before removing it, saying that the cap got wet. Describing the incident as “the stupidest 10 minutes” of her life, she apologised to her followers for her carelessness.

The replies section has been filled with mixed reactions. In this case, the hijabi model has been slammed by social media users, while others have stepped in to defend her and advised her to take the incident as a lesson for her to not repeat the same mistake again.

Feel check out her full statement here as well as netizens’ reactions below:


Meanwhile, Liyana has been badly condemned and criticised for allegedly making fun of religion and some even speculated that she hasn’t been seen in her hijab lately. The 32-year-old often opts for covering her head with a hat or a beanie instead of the typical scarf.

Fans of the “Aku Jatuh Cinta” singer have expressed their shock soon after the photo made its way online. Some even argued that the she uploaded an old picture of herself instead of the latest one. At the time of writing (Thursday, 23rd January), Liyana is still mum in regards to the ongoing issue.


What do you think of Sharifah and Liyana’s hijab situation here?

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