It’s been awhile since we last heard about Nur Sajat. Word has it that she is currently busy with her business endeavours and is set to launch her own gold jewellery boutique soon.

However, rumours have spread recently that the celebrity-entrepreneur was physically abused by her boyfriend, known as Coach Yin. Not only that, the 35-year-old also took to her Instagram to post shocking clips of her badly bruised body parts, claiming that she was beaten.


According to Sajat, this is not the first time her has been a victim of such incident. She also wrote, “Damn it, my body is completely bruised.” She then further added, “Everything has changed. You’re still like that, beating me!!! Enough for now!!!” At the time of writing (Friday, 10th January), the clip has since been deleted by the “Makhluk Penggoda” singer.

Reinforcing everyone’s speculations, Coach Yin also took to his own account to post a series of counter-statements online. He wrote, “People wouldn’t get beaten without a reason. But because of your foul-mouthed attitude, you treat people as if they are your servant; even cursing them. This has happened for years. Every person has its limits.” 

In response, a number of local internet users have argued that the drama between the two were just a mere gimmick. On the other hand, some have expressed their sympathy and advised Sajat to press charges against the 27-year-old hunk.

Others have even linked the ongoing case with Datuk Aliff Syukri’s mother Bonda Rozita Ibrahim. For those who don’t know, the cosmetics product owner shared a video of Sajat falling from the stairs during their holiday trip in the Netherlands. Check out some of their comments here:


Do you think both Sajat and Coach Yin were are playing us with this cheap publicity stunt?

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