Being on the internet recently, many people would have come across the viral conversation leaks of our ex-prime minister Najib with his wife Rosmah.

While many netizens were amused by the entire situation at the 66-year-old’s expense, in truth, the leak does also lead to a lot of question mark about our law and the ongoing case against the man who supposedly stole RM2.6 billion.

As pointed out by Twitter user @zafrulzaf, who asked how the SPRM (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) was able to pin point the date of the conversation to July 2016? If so, Zafrul also asked about the purpose of the leak, with him and several other netizens suspect that it might be concerning the infamous 1MDB scandal.

He later added in the thread whether SPRM was right to release the recording to the public, as the scandal was still considered an ongoing case and should be submitted to the court first. Before asking the most important question of whether Rosmah was actually Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister all along, as she was the more assertive figure between the pair in the recording. The last question was made due in part for humour, of course.

Source: Malay Mail – Credit: Firdaus Latif

Beside what was mentioned, some netizens have also pointed out the uncomfortable nature of the wire tapping as it raises concern over one’s privacy. However, it should be noted that the government has been doing this since 2012, under Najib’s reign as PM, with his government making amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code that allow these kind of spying action by the government to be conducted legally.

So in the end, whether you think the duo in the leak conversation are guilty or not, hopefully, this new revelation can help investigators to find the truth amidst all the controversies and ultimately make the right call on Najib’s ongoing case.

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