Zul Ariffin took things into his hands when his alleged leaked nude video went viral last month.

Instead of bringing the case to the police, the “Hantu Kak Limah” actor opted for a more calm and chilled approach and remains unbothered with all the slanders happening, as long as it doesn’t affect his career negatively.

Zul Ariffin
Source: Gempak

“There’s no point in taking action (against the culprits), it’s the internet. They can do anything in front of their eyes, you know. I don’t really care about it. I feel that this issue doesn’t make sense as long as I can work and shoot as usual. That’s it, I’m not mad (of the person who spread the clip). They can do whatever they want because I’m still here, doing my job,” he said to mStar.

In addition, Zul claimed that he has been living his normal life despite the controversy. According to the 33-year-old hunk, he has no problem facing people in public. “I have no problem whenever I’m going out on the streets, they will act like nothing happened,” he clarified.

He further added that he was initially concerned that the scandal might sabotage his career as an actor. “I’m not a celebrity or an influencer, I’m just an actor and my job is to act,” Zul shared, before adding, “Because people hire me to do my work on set. That’s the only thing that I worried about.”

During the chat, he was also asked about the reason why he deactivated his Instagram. In this case, the “Seribu Rindu” actor assured that it was not due to the leak of the NSFW video.

According to Zul, it has became a yearly routine for him to take a hiatus and shut his account down to refocus on his personal life. “Even fans and friends of mine didn’t ask because they already know about this. I’m the one who’s in charge of managing my own social media account,” he shared in the session. 

Zul was seen at the set of his latest movie called “Talbis Iblis” yesterday (Tuesday, 7th January). For those who are interested, check out the full interview clip here:

Source: mStar.

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