Uh oh, it seems that Zul Ariffin has found himself in a tricky situation after a NSFW video of him went viral online.

It all started after a Twitter user known as @aagittew uploaded a 45-seconds clip that allegedly shows a handsome hunk masturbating. If you are curious, check out the full video here.

As a result, Zul has become the number one trending topic in Malaysia. In this case, majority of fans have been dying of curiosity about the identity of the man in the clip. Not only that, they also took to Instagram to demand for explanation from Zul himself.

In response to the massive backlash, he has apparently deactivated his Instagram account, with his fan club saying that he just wanted to “take some time off” from social media.

Source: Instagram via Gempak

After several questions and speculations surrounding the leaked clip, Zul has finally stepped in to clarify the whole situation. In this case, he assured everyone that he is a victim of the Deepfake (deep learning and fake) app.

“Even Mark Zuckerberg’s face can be edited in such manner. It is very easy to find my visuals for them to do this (deepfake). I never thought that I would become a target this time. I thought this only happened to politicians,” he told Xtra.

He further added by advising fellow celebrities to be careful after this to avoid similar events from happening. For the uninitiated, the Deepfake editing app is usually done by matching the targeted individual’s face with the actions done by another person. 

Zul Ariffin
Source: Stail.MY

This is not the 1st time the “Rindu Awak 200%” actor has faced such situation. Prior to this, private photos of him were spread online after his Instagram account was allegedly hacked by an unknown individual.

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