FamilyMart and McDonald’s aren’t the only ones with new ice creams. There’s also the new KitKat Ice Cream Stick.

The ice cream gods have heard our prayers and bless us with the new dessert. Needless to say, the tagline “Have a break – have a KitKat” has a whole new meaning now.

Source: Twitter @fendymojoo

The KitKat Ice Cream Stick first debuted in Australia last April. It consists of a creamy wafer flavoured centre, and is coated with chocolate filled with crushed wafer pieces. Are the KitKat Ice Cream Sticks better KitKat ice cream cones? Well, the jury is still out for that.


Those in Malaysia who have tried have all given the yummy dessert 2 thumbs up. It costs RM4.50 per stick and can be purchase at Petronas stations as well as convenient stores. This delicious treat is certainly a warm welcome during the current humid weather.

KitKat Ice Cream Stick
Source: Metro UK

Source: KL Foodie.

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