Amidst all the glitz and glamour, being a K-pop star is not as easy as it seems. Just ask Tasha Low.

For those who don’t know, the 26-year-old debuted as a member of the now-disbanded group called SKarf. She also appeared as one of the contestants on Mnet survival show “Idol School” back in 2017.

Source: HelloKpop


During an interview with Youth.SG, she recalled back her days as an idol trainee. “The first few months we were treated so nicely. After that, they started to take away our laptops and phones, saying that ‘We want you to concentrate on training.'”

She further added that she was only allowed to communicate with her family members only during weekends for only 5 minutes using the company’s telephone. To top it off, she spent most of her teenage life being dictated by her former agency. All she did was only training; which was to sing and dance for hours.

Tasha also talked about her appearance in “Idol School”. “I was very fortunate to meet with really kind people in the programme. We were quite close and that actually helped us to go through all those difficult times,” she shared in the chat. However, her stint in the reality show was cut short after she was eliminated during the 10th episode.

She concluded by advising young teens who aspire to be an idol, that they should take some time to question themselves on why they want to be a K-pop star. “If you really have a strong reason, then go for it. Because you will have that reason as a reminder for you,” said Tasha.

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