The hilarious feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is alive and well.

In an interview with Australia’s “Today” show, the 43-year-old was alongside co-star Mélanie Laurent and Adria Arjona to promote his latest film, “6 Underground”. Knowing about the feud between the two actors, the host couldn’t help herself from asking Reynolds’ opinion on the matter.


Being his usual tongue-in-cheek self, the “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” star teased that the “Logan” actor was an evil person while also questioning his nationality. He told “Today”, ”Well, He’s just an evil person. You guys have all been duped, You think he is this benevolent ambassador from your country, people don’t realise he is from Winnipeg, Canada.” 

He also added that, “the Truth makes your eyes water. Hugh Jackman is a fraud.”

The pair have been going after each other for years, whether it’d be on social media or in interviews. “The Greatest Showman” actor even took a swiped of his own in his Instagram account, when he posted an edited poster of the Canadian’s upcoming film, “Free Guy”.

In the photo posted a couple of days ago (10th December 2019), we see the 51-year-old Aussie posted an edited poster of himself (instead of Reynolds) while holding a cup of coffee from his company, Laughing Man. This in turn prompted a response from the “Green Lantern” star, who commented in the comment section, “What the sh**?!?”

We can’t wait to see what these two have in store for us in the future as their ongoing feud is truly entertaining. Maybe they could host the Oscars like how people are campaigning for Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart right now?


Source: MSN.

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