Okay, we’re calling it – grocery shopping is an excruciating chore.

Sure, some would enjoy grocery shopping and even consider it as a de-stressing activity. But if you do it often enough, it just becomes something that you need to get done as opposed to what used to be something you enjoyed doing. Plus, we’re all very busy people. We barely have time to go to work, socialise, check on our families and make sure that we’re eating right.

But why burden ourselves with one more chore when we can think of at least 5 reasons why MyGroser will help revolutionise the way we shop for groceries? Hear us out:

1. Saving cash gets easier with MyGroser

Spending a leisurely time grocery shopping is all fun and games…until you get to the register and notice that your bill is significantly higher than what you had expected to pay. This is mostly because impulse purchasing is easier when you’re overwhelmed by choices laid infront of you.

MyGroser constantly tallies your total, including delivery fees, which makes it easier to shop mindfully. In addition to making sure you’re not blowing your weekly groceries budget, you also get to save money on transportation to and fro the grocery store.

2. …and time

Let’s be honest – though some of us may throughly enjoy long walks through each aisle, a large majority of us can agree that waiting in line at checkout lanes is at the top of our list of “Adulting Things I Have To Do But Hate”.

Standing in line, arranging items on the conveyor belt and bagging everything away while the next customer bores their eyes into the back of your head in hopes that you’d get out of their way faster is an agonising experience. But with MyGroser, all of that unnecessary stress, boredom and pain can now be a thing of the past.

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3. Meal-prepping has never been easier

MyGroser is the ONLY grocery service in Malaysia that allows you to plan, purchase and book a delivery slot for your groceries a month in advance. This in turn will help you plan your meals like a pro! If you’re planning a Christmas feast this year, be sure to check out MyGroser’s MyFeast – a pre-order offering starting from 11th December that is especially personalised and curated for your festive grocery needs.

Roasted turkeys, fresh flowers, (even ice!) and everything else you need are available from the comfort of your mobile device. Guess what? MyGroser is also offering free delivery service (for a limited time only) when your orders total up to RM100 or more.

4. Save even more money and get cashback when you shop with MyGroser

Every new MyGroser sign-up will receive up to RM80 in vouchers for you to utilise for 4 free deliveries and discounts on certain purchases. If you tell a friend about MyGroser, you’ll both earn RM5 each to spend on your next purchase at MyGroser!

5. Fresh groceries 7 days a week

MyGroser is committed in making sure that they deliver quality products and only the freshest of produce right on your doorstep from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. So if you’ve been trying to find a way to maximise your weekends without a huge chunk of it saved exclusively for getting groceries done, now is your time to shine.

Want to get your groceries done today without going out of your way? Log on to MyGroser.com today and get your fresh groceries conveniently delivered to you!

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