Netflix has finally released its 1st trailer for its brand new original web series called “Messiah” recently.

Based on the official announcement below, the upcoming thriller show will be available for streaming on 1st January next year.

However, the newly-released clip has in turn received mixed reactions from netizens. In this case, some of them pointed that the series will give people wrong ideas on Imam Mahdi.

In addition, others have argued about their concerns that the drama series might “brainwash” everyone’s perspective on the dajjal (deceiver), whom Muslims believe as the false messiah (saviour).

Not only that, some also expressed their frustration by slamming Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi who played the character as Al-Massih Ad-Dajjal, relating to the fact that the 34-year-old is actually a Muslim. For those who are interested, feel free to read some their reactions on Twitter here:


What do you think? Do you think the ongoing issue is just mere coincidence?

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