Jackie Chan might be able to work his magic in cinemas, but for the companies that he endorsed, that’s another story altogether.

The jokes started following the concerning news about Hong Kong Airlines’ struggle, who are currently facing some deep financial difficulties. Netizens pointed out that the entire situation might have something to do with Jackie Chan being the airline’s spokesperson.

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As mentioned, the airline is facing some trying times as the ongoing protest and political situation in Hong Kong has caused quite a bit of damage to its business. They were also given 5 days to pay off their staff salaries by the Hong Kong’s Transport and Housing Board (THB), who threatened to suspend or revoke the airline’s operation license if they failed to do so.


Amidst the news, netizens have jokingly suggest that crisis is bound to happen when a company hires Jackie Chan to be their endorser. Some have even pointed to several failed companies that have met with similar financial crisis after endorsing the Hong Kong actor. It’s situations like these that earned the Hong Kong star the nickname, “brand killer”, by netizens.

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Examples of companies that have been met with financial difficulties after endorsing the 65-year-old are, the well-known gym California Fitness, the herbal shampoo brand BaWang, the electronics brand Ai-duo VCD, food company Synear, and Fen Huang Cola – the latter of which even went out of business in 2001. Ouch!

Jokes aside, it should be noted that none of these failed business were blamed on the actor. Many of them were just filled with issues of their own doing, such as Synear’s products being found to have golden staph bacteria by Beijing authorities, and Ai-duo VCD electronics being riddled by lawsuits which lead to its shutdown.

Source: Hong Kong Free Press

Although Jackie Chan is not at fault here, we can see why he has become an ongoing meme for companies not doing well.

Source: Yahoo Newsroom.

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