DailyMail UK recently reported that Rihana Oksana’s 6-month old son, Ismail Leon Petra‘s life might be in jeopardy, in the wake of the on-going dispute between her and Sultan Muhammad V.

The British news outlet further reported that the former beauty queen was informed on the situation by a friend of hers that the baby is now in a state of “mortal danger”. As a result, Rihana has called for a “state protection”.

Source: east2west

The former beauty queen stated that she was called for a meeting with a mysterious lady who claimed that she knows everything about the baby’s life-threatening situation. In this case, Rihana didn’t went there in person. Instead, she sent out a friend of hers, who managed to record a 40-minute chat with the unknown source.


Feel free to read some of the conversation here:

“Oksana should think hard about what she is doing. She is not right to keep speaking to the media. She has many secret enemies, so she must withdraw her lawsuit from the court. She must cut her expenses. She needs to gain some time, the boy’s life now depends on it. There are people who are very interested in this child, and he is so small and not protected… I have information that he is in danger, and the situation is escalating.”

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The English publication further reported that the ongoing scandal happening between the former flames has become a hot topic not only in their respective home countries (Russia and Malaysia) but also in other locations like Geneva in Switzerland where the Sultan Muhammad V is apparently a regular visitor.

In response, Rihana has hired a lawyer and human rights expert Ivan Melnikov to handle the case. “During the conversation, the woman said several times that Leon was in mortal danger, and Voevodina could prevent the threat to his life by withdrawing her lawsuit against her ex-spouse to recover alimony, and stop her appearances in the media,” he said, demanding for a thorough investigation on the alleged threats.

Source: east2west

Additionally, it was reported that the 27-year-old model is currently in “a safer place”. “For the sake of my son, I had to leave for another city, which, of course, I keep secret. I don’t know where the threats (might) come from, and I really hope for the protection of our law enforcement bodies and the state,” she told Komsomolskaya Pravda (via DailyMail UK).

“But it was very indicative for me that when there are thousands of restaurants in Moscow, and this meeting took place in the building where the Moscow law office of my ex-husband is located,” she further added in the interview.

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Do you think this issue happened as a result of Rihana being too open when it comes to her personal life? Share with us your thoughts.

Source: DailyMail UK.

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