Han Seohee (한서희) recently took to her personal Instagram account to pay her tribute to the late Goo Hara (구하라). She posted a picture of her last text conversation with the “City Hunter” actress.

“You know what I said during the viewing while holding your hands right? I hope that you can keep your promise. If you don’t come in my dream, I will be really upset. Please show up in my dream. I have so much to talk to you. Hara, I love you. Love you forever,” the former K-pop trainee wrote on the caption.

Han Seohee


For those who are interested, the full translated conversation reads:

  • Goo Hara: “I will go to your house directly.”
  • Han Seohee: “I will scout you then.”
  • Goo Hara: “I miss you. Seohee, I want to cry and I want to talk with you. It feels like hell.. I will sleep now… I will just sleep tomorrow and take my pills. My baby, my tears are coming out.”
  • Han Seohee: “Don’t cry. Come and spill out everything to me. Everything will be okay.”

The post has in turn received mixed reactions among everyone. In this case, some showed their love and support to her, asking her to stay strong. On the other hand, some have pointed out Seohee’s manipulative approach in social media, as evident in her previous cases with several K-pop idols before this.

Source: Kstarlive

What do y’all think about this? Do you think Seohee has another agenda up in her sleeves?

Sources: Kstarlive, Allkpop.

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