Taiwanese actress Ili Zheng Jiachun is known for a lot of things, but she is best known for her 34D breast size. It is with these assets that she manages to be popular following a successful chicken chop commercial.

In a recent interview with Taiwanese media, the “True Love Is A Ghost” star made headlines. She revealed that despite being single, she has a partner whom she sees twice a month in order to manage her sexual needs.


“Whenever I have sexual needs, the opposite party can help me. It is normal for adults to have this life,” she told media. Unfortunately to the mystery partner, he would find this year’s meeting few and far between as she revealed that, “this year, I only met him for meals as I am too busy.”

Zheng, who was nicknamed Ji Paimei or Chicken Chop girl, has said in 2012 that she wasn’t planning on getting married. Stating that she is happy staying single and that she’s not the sort of person that needs anyone to accompany her.

The “One Night In Taipei” star has also described herself as a very difficult person who is strict to not only herself but to others as well. On the other hand, when discussing the reason why she remains single, Zheng answered that she views relationship differently from others.

She explained, “So why trouble the other party. If you find they are unsuitable at a later stage, it will be a messy break-up.” 

Source: Malay Mail.

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