When the news of K-pop starlet Goo Hara (구하라)’s unfortunate death came to light recently, fans have been attacking her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jongbum (최종범) with various hate comments online.

K-netizens as well as die-hard Hallyu followers having been voicing out their anger towards the professional hairstylist by trending the hashtag #Punish_ChoiJongbum on Twitter as well as signing a petition to appeal for him to receive heavier punishment.


Following the massive backlash as a result of the unfortunate news, a friend of Choi Jongbum – also a colleague of him at the hair salon – has come out with a statement in an interview to provide some updates on his current condition of him after finding out about Hara’s death.

“Choi Jongbum has had a difficult time even since the controversy about her relationship with Goo Hara came to light,” the source shared. He further added that after Jongbum has “not been coping well” ever since he heard about Hara’s passing.

“Everything related to his ex-girlfriend is a sensitive matter to him,” the source clarified, before adding, “and we as colleagues have decided to not talk about it.” He then refused to give a more elaborate details on the ongoing situation. “It is difficult for me to tell you more,” said the anonymous colleague.

Choi Jongbum’s current condition has remained a big question mark among K-fans ever since the news about the former KARA member’s sudden passing broke out over the weekend. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

Source: Koreaboo.

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